I offer private coaching for women who: 

Want to quit drinking but are afraid it will suck in one or a million ways. 


Have already quit drinking but are feeling like one or more aspects of their lives are sucking  

and are wondering if sobriety is still for them. 

If you relate to any of the following, you're in the right place: 

  • You both want to AND don’t want to quit drinking, and this internal push-pull is frustrating and exhausting. 

  • You’re struggling to moderate your drinking and think something’s wrong with you that you can’t effortlessly drink “normally.” 

  • You’re afraid that you can’t quit drinking without slapping a label on yourself. 

  • You’ve quit drinking, but are struggling your way through it, holding on with sheer will-power.


 You think you need alcohol to:

  • Relax 

  • Have fun 

  • Be social 

  • Be confident 

  • Have sex 

  • Sleep 

  • Celebrate 

  • Deal with your depression and/or anxiety 

  • (And the list goes on) 


You think that a life without alcohol would be:

  • One of deprivation 

  • Boring 

  • Sad 

  • Lonely 

  • Awkward 

  • (And the list goes on) 


I SO get it! I had a list like this one a mile long that kept me drinking for YEARS after I had started side-eyeing alcohol and wondering about its place in my life. 


When I finally dipped my toe in and started experiencing rather than just imagining life minus the booze, it’s not too far a stretch to say that not one item on my list played out the way I had thought it would


Together, you and I will work through your own list.  

Sobriety that does not suck IS possible



  • Feeling so comfortable in your own skin that whether you're hanging out with your new favorite person (that would be you) or surrounded by throngs of humanity, you know you can take care of yourself without buffering with booze. 

  • Discovering that your creativity, your humor, your wit - any and all of the things that you may have thought were fueled by alcohol - were YOU and ONLY YOU all along.  YOU GET ALL THE CREDIT

  • Being able to regulate your emotions without having to numb them or check out. 

  • Having access to raw, honest and unadulterated connections with others. 

  • Replacing "Booze will help me get through X" with "I have the power to get through X." 

  • No more hangovers.  Ever. Again.  Really wrap your head around how this would feel

  • Getting back all the time and energy you used to spend on "Will I, Won't I, and if I will, how much" internal debates. 

  • Knowing that you can trust yourself and that you will always have your own back

You deserve to give yourself the chance at your best possible life - to find out for yourself that sobriety does not suck. And I will be right there to help navigate the way, keep you company, and cheer you on.

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