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Why do we keep drinking, and why do we keep trying to change the size or shape of our bodies, when both of them can: 


  • Leave us feeling utterly miserable

  • Erode our trust in ourselves 

  • Fill us with shame 


And a host of other lousy outcomes that no one would willingly sign up for? 


We keep doing these things (in part) because as bad as these are, we fear that life without them will be even worse.  We worry that being alcohol-free will mean a lonely, boring, sad life of deprivation.  And we worry that giving up trying to control our bodies will lead to a loss of control  in other parts of our lives.  And those fears may be just the tip of the ice-burg.

My mission is: 

  • To call bullshit on ALL the messages that feed these fears.

  • To offer alternative viewpoints and messages. 

  • To support those who are ready to look behind the smoke and mirrors because they want a better life for themselves. 


Please hear this: Whether it's drinking, or trying to change our bodies, or both - WE ARE ALWAYS DOING OUR BEST TO COPE. There is nothing wrong with us - on the contrary, we are survivors. And if you're here reading these words, you are likely at the point where you want to learn how to cope in different ways - in ways that serve you without your having to pay the harmful prices exacted by drinking and/or struggling with food and your body.

And you absolutely can learn how to do this. I've done it, I've seen countless others do it, and you can as well. Truly.

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