Hi, I'm Lael (she/her) and I help women who want to live alcohol-free lives that don't suck.

I am president of the “If you had told me I would someday choose to part ways with alcohol, I would have either (a) snort-laughed in your face or (b) stared at you blankly in incomprehension (depending on the day and my mood)” Club.

(I keep telling them they need to get a shorter name). 

Why do we keep drinking when it: 


  • Leaves us feeling like utter crap later (I’m looking at you, hangovers) 

  • Steals our memories 

  • Erodes our trust in ourselves 

  • Fills us with shame 


And a host of other lousy outcomes that no one would willingly sign up for? 


We keep drinking because as bad these are, we fear that NOT drinking 

(aka “sobriety”) is even worse. We worry that being sober will mean a lonely, boring, sad - you-name-it - life of deprivation. 


My mission is: 

  • To call bullshit on the messages that feed this fear. 

  • To quietly (cough, cough) offer an alternative message. Namely: SOBRIETY DOES NOT SUCK.  

  • To support women who are ready to look behind the smoke and mirrors because they want a better life for themselves. 

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